Contact Export API - Beta Documentation

The Contact Export API allows SmashFly customers and any authorized 3rd parties to export contacts from the SmashFly Console, based on specific criteria. Each exported contact record includes all fields that contain data on the contact record.

This REST API provides access to all contacts in the customer zone and the ability to filter the contacts by specific criteria (including contact lists and statuses) so that the API will extract only the contacts who meet the specified criteria.

Swagger documentation for this API, including the ability to test it, is available at From that page, you can view samples by clicking the Show Samples link at the top right of the page.

Before an organization can access the API, an SLA must be signed to govern the tier or usage and to enable access to the API keys that exist with the Configuration module of the SmashFly Console under Developer's Corner > Manage API Keys. Once the SLA is signed, a CSM will enabled the EnableContactExportApi setting to allow generation of API keys and will assign the Developer's Corner privilege to the user group that has responsibility for creating and using API keys. Use of the API keys is defined in the user documentation for the SmashFly Console Configuration module.

For more information about using the API, refer to the following topics in this help system: