API Business Rules

The following business rules govern use of the Contact Import API:

  • One Contact Per Call: Only one <Contact> can be submitted per call. If more than one is submitted, only the first contact will be processed.
  • Large Volume of Contact Imports: Do not use the Contact Import API for “full feeds” or bulk initial loads of contact data. The API is intended to be used for incremental “delta” data, sent either in real time or at scheduled intervals. If a bulk initial load of data is required, a Data File Import is likely a better approach. While technically any user with access to Data File Import can execute an import of any size, for large imports (those over 100,000 records), the import should be executed by the SmashFly Technical Services Team. You can request assistance with this sort of task by submitting a request to request@smashfly.com.
  • The Web Service response: When successfully adding or updating a contact record, the system will provide the response XML shown in Sample XML.The <ContactId> represents an internal number that you can reference later regarding this contact within the SmashFly platform; you are not required to provide this ContactId to SmashFly for subsequent calls for that individual.
  • Duplication of Existing Contacts: If you attempt to import a contact that already exists in the destination database, or if the system determines that the contact is a duplicate, the system will update the existing contact’s profile with the information provided (excluding null nodes). For most fields, this is a simple update/overwrite action; for some fields, however, the system will APPEND the data to the contact profile. For Notes, Education records, Experience records, and Tags, the system will continue to append any new data passed in. Notes, Education records, Experience records, and Tags cannot be removed (and existing Notes, Education, or Experience records cannot be modified) through the API.
  • Deleted Contacts: If a contact submitted through the Contact Import API is a duplicate of a deleted/inactive contact in SmashFly, that deleted contact will be updated, but the contact will not be reactivated. To reactivate deleted contacts, submit a request to SmashFly Support at request@smashfly.com, providing the email address of the contact to be restored.
  • Resume Parsing Not in Scope: Resumes submitted through the API do not pass through a Resume Parser. If you wish to submit resume documents that should be parsed into contact details, you must use a different contact import method (for example, Bulk Upload or Resume Inhaler). Please contact your SmashFly client point of contact to discuss appropriate options.
  • CDATA Tags: Any string entries can be passed surrounded by opening and closing CDATA tags and MUST be passed with CDATA tags if XML-reserved characters may be passed in the string (for example, greater than >, less than <, ampersand &). If passing an HTML resume, CDATA is required.
  • IMPORTANT: You must specify the value of TRUE for CanReceiveEmail and CanReceiveSMS; if you do not specify values, they will default to FALSE.