Contact Import API 

SmashFly offers a RESTFUL API that allows SmashFly customers and any authorized 3rd party applications to import /update contacts into the customer's Recruitment Marketing database. This REST method expects an HTTP POST to the REST URL provided. This documentation includes recommendations and requirements for testing the API, the API's data scope, field mappings, and other vital details for implementing a contact import through the SmashFly Contact Import API.

Before you begin testing the Contact Import API, work with your SmashFly Customer point of contact to establish and confirm the scope and frequency of data to be submitted to their SmashFly zone.

You will need to discuss both the data that is required to fulfill the SmashFly Customer's desired use case and the expected result in the SmashFly system to ensure that the SmashFly Customer system administrator can adjust configuration if needed. The import can include all SmashFly Standard Contact fields, as well as any of the SmashFly Customer's Custom Contact fields. You will need to work with the SmashFly Customer point of contact to identify any custom fields that should be included.

You must also review the business rules and sample XML.

Before you use the Contact Import API in a production environment, you must also test and validate your use of the API.