Validating the Contact Import

Before you can test the API, you will need your SmashFly Customer point of contact to provide you with the following information:

  • End User Account information (username/password) for their SmashFly staging zone. This requires that the SmashFly Customer system administrator create an account in that environment.
  • Contact Database ID(s) to which API calls should be sent for testing purposes. This ensures that contacts submitted land in the appropriate location.
  • Information on the values and parameters for any custom fields into which data will be passed by the API.

Note: SmashFly recommends that you perform any testing of the API in the Staging environment; some customers, however, may choose to allow testing against a secondary contact database within their production SmashFly zone. In cases where testing will happen in the secondary database in the production zone, calls will be sent to the production services URL using the same Username and Password that will be used after go-live, but the testing process will use a different Contact Database ID to ensure that contacts used in tests do not land in the production database.

Recommended Validation Scenarios

A few recommended testing scenarios are listed below, but please work with your SmashFly Client point of contact to verify that all data submitted through the API is being processed as expected, given the required use case:

  • Ensure that standard contact data lands in the expected fields and in the expected format in SmashFly.
  • Ensure that any custom contact data lands in the expected fields and in the expected format in SmashFly, specifically paying attention to values sent for selection fields, such as drop-down lists.
  • Confirm that data lands in the expected database.
  • Ensure that any SmashFly workflow campaigns that are to be triggered by API activity function as expected.
  • Ensure that contact duplicate checking works as expected given the data passed. Add data elements to scope if needed to enable robust duplicate checking.

Staging Service URLs

You can test the Contact Import API within the Public Staging environment by leveraging the following URLs.

Staging URL:

Staging REST call to Add/Update Contacts:

Next Steps

When validation is complete, you will need to prepare to import clients to a production system.