Defining Additional Custom Board Fields

You can use the CustomFields node to pass all of additional custom board information that you require for every posting. The CustomFields consists of <item> nodes which contain custom values for each board. The Type attribute for custom fields will always be set to boardfield.

When you have developed the core integration, you can send SmashFly your custom data for us to import into the system. For each field, SmashFly requires the following information:

  • The field or label name to present to the client, such as “Job Category” or “Branding template.” These are fields that will be completed for each Ad delivery.
  • The type of HTML control to use to present the questionor data to the candidate. Values are textbox, dropdownlist, multidropdownlist, checkbox, radiobutton, and textarea. Our system dynamically generates the appropriate Ad controls to prompt the user for your custom fields.
  • Any field length restrictions; for example, max length =100.
  • If you are defining drop-down lists or multi-select drop-down lists, you need to provide to SmashFly an Excel spreadsheet of the values and descriptions to be imported for each list.
  • Whether the field is required or optional.

Once you send SmashFly your custom fields, SmashFly will provide you with the corresponding item Name values that you will need to process the posting. For each field you define, SmashFly generates a unique number that will be passed in the Name field. This is how you’ll know which fields are being passed back to your site, so you can process the data accordingly.

Note: If you specify a multi-select listbox, SmashFly will pass the values in a pipe-delimited string, as shown in the following example.

Following is an example of a Custom Fields node in a posting XML. Each Name field below corresponds to a specific board’s required fields. For example, “244” defines a custom “state” field for this board where they only allowed 6 states to be used. Custom Fields provide you with complete control over what data will be captured by customers to post their Ads.


<Item Name="244" Value="CA" Type="boardfield" />

<Item Name="245" Value="BC" Type="boardfield" />

<Item Name="257" Value="79" Type="boardfield" />

<Item Name="261" Value="9008" Type="boardfield" />

<Item Name="262" Value="11794|11910|11848" Type="boardfield" />

<Item Name="267" Value="This is a fantastic opportunity in the NE region" Type="boardfield" />


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