Exporting Jobs from SmashFly

The SmashFly Automated Job Ad System allows any 3rd-party company to automatically integrate their job board, or job ad system, directly with the SmashFly Recruitment Marketing Platform. The Ad delivery system provides a real-time delivery service for our clients to directly post, update, and remove their ads from your site. You must implement all three mechanisms (posting, updating, and removing), as defined in this document, to have your board “approved” and enabled as a Supported Job Board in SmashFly.

SmashFly has built the Ad delivery system to use standard HTTP and XML formats for distributing the Job Ads in real time. Once integrated, our system does an HTTP POST to your designated URL, passing the payload of the Job Ad in XML format in the body of the posting message. You must build the implementation logic on your end to receive the XML payload, process the job ad, and return a simple XML response message, indicating the success or failure of the delivery. If the delivery fails, we require you provide to us a meaningful error message (for example, “out of inventory,” and so on) that we can display to the client to debug the issue.

Implementing the Ad Delivery System API

Following are the steps for implementing the SmashFly Job Ad delivery system:

  1. Read through this documentation to understand what data is passed in a Job Ad. SmashFly has defined standard fields that are passed in the XML. In addition, SmashFly fully supports any custom fields that you need to pass as part of the Ad posting.
  2. Once you’ve set up your system and URL to receive a Job Ad, use the SmashFly Ad Delivery test page to submit a test job to your system. As the first step in that process, you will request an Access Code. you will then specify the server URL where the data will be posted (in the Posting URL field). SmashFly performs the HTTP post using a standard Job Ad and then displays the response message received from your server. If the test is successful (if a success message is returned) for “inserting,” “updating,” and “deleting” a job, you can then decide whether to define additional custom fields for the Job Ad delivery.
  3. If you do have custom fields that you want to pass, email them in an excel spreadsheet to request@smashfly.com.
  4. For any boards that do not allow free posting, ensure that you have purchased inventory with the board already and have those configured credentials in the SmashFly system so that the board can be set up in SmashFly like other fee-based boards (such as Monster, Career Builder, and so on).
  5. Once we receive the custom fields, we perform a final validation & approval step. If the Ad is delivered successfully, we’ll enable your board in our system and send out an email notification to selected SmashFly Administrators in your organization to notify them of the availability of your Job Board/Ad site.

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