Custom Job Fields

Custom Fields are not typically required for a SmashFly or API implementation, but you must check with the SmashFly Customer's System Administrator for their custom field requirements.

Custom job fields are configured by SmashFly working with the customer. For any "Select" fields, such as Drop-Down, List Box, Radio Button, and Checkbox, code values for the field must be passed in the API. Work with your SmashFly Technical Services Consultant to obtain the field IDs and code values.

Field values that include special characters must be wrapped in beginning and ending CDATA tags.

Custom Field Categories

SmashFly allows a limited number of each category of custom field, as described in the following table.

Field Category Field Node Allowed Number of Fields of This Category Field Type Length Limit (in characters)
Short Text Field (Text Box or Selector) ShortTextField1 through ShortTextField30 30 String 50
Medium Text Field (Text Area) MediumTextField1 through MediumTextField5 5 String 256
Long Text Field (Text Editor) LongTextField1 and LongTextField2 2 String 4,000
Date Field DateField1 through DateField10 10 Date/Time YYYY-MM-DD [hh:mm:ss[.mmm]]
Numeric Field (Integer Text Box) NumericField1 through NumericField10 10 Float Supports up to 2 decimals