Job Import Email Notification for Job API

After a successful call is submitted though the Job Import API, SmashFly’s Intellipost system runs against the job to both transform the job data and to automate job distribution to the selected Intellipost boards. At the same time, the Delete process runs to send deactivation requests for a job on all job boards to which it is posted (provided that those boards accept updates from SmashFly, based on their integration method).

After the Intellipost and Deletion processes are complete, the system generates an email communication, which is sent to configured email addresses; your SmashFly Technical Services Consultant configures the recipients of this email communication.

Note: If the Intellipost process doesn’t find any boards to which a submitted job should be posted, the job will either be saved as a draft in the system or will not be saved. SmashFly typically recommends setting up at least one board to which all jobs can be posted by Intellipost in the Staging environment to ensure that all jobs sent can be saved.

The Job Import email lists successful postings and removals, as well as any errors encountered when the import was processed.

Sample Job Import Success Messages

The following are examples of success messages that may appear in the Job Import email:

  • 1: Job Successfully Added/Updated. The “Posted to n boards” message indicates that the referenced job was successfully added or updated and that the new or updated job will be sent to the appropriate Intellipost boards (based on the Posting Rules configured under Configuration > Intellipost Configuration). Depending on your Intellipost configuration, different jobs may be distributed to different numbers of boards.
  • 2: Job/All Posting Instances for Job Successfully Deactivated. “Removed from all boards” messages indicate that all posting instances for the job have been deactivated in SmashFly and that the job is set for removal from all updatable job boards to which the job is posted.

Note: For Adds, Updates, and Removals, the final execution of the requested action may not be immediately apparent on external job boards. The speed of the execution varies by job board, based on the integration method and the frequency at which the job board makes updates. For example, some job boards update their jobs once a day. As such, the import email will indicate that the job has been posted or removed, but it may take up to 24 hours before the job is actually added to or removed from Indeed.

Sample Job Import Error Messages

For sample Job Import errors, refer to SmashFly Console User Online Help > Configuration > Auto-Generated Email Notifications.