Importing Jobs into Production

Once you have successfully implemented and tested your solution within the Staging Environment, you can begin preparing to import jobs into your Production system.

First, you will need to provide your SmashFly Technical Services Consultant with the following:

  • Final version of the job XML
  • Final mapping for your XML nodes to fields in SmashFly
  • Expected go-live date and time

Your SmashFly Technical Services Consultant will review the file and any information you provide for final validation and certification, and will do the following:

  1. Map the nodes to fields in the back-end Production administration system.
  2. Validate that the data in the XML file looks correct and will map correctly into the designated fields. If changes are needed, the SmashFly Technical Services Consultant will communicate them to you at this time.
  3. Configure email addresses to receive the job import email notification in the Staging environment.
  4. Create a Job API execution account in the production client zone.
  5. Provide you with the Job API credentials.
  6. Where appropriate, coordinate with you the date and time to change your job acquisition method from an existing live method (such as an ATS job pull) to the Job API. This step is critical to facilitate execution of a seamless and uneventful change.
  7. At the agreed upon date and time (recommended during a live meeting), update the target zone job acquisition method to allow execution of job importing through the Job API.

Before going live, unless otherwise agreed, the SmashFly Customer System Administrator is responsible for making any required Intellipost configuration changes to the Production environment (particularly if required changes were discovered during the Staging Validation process). If changes are needed to any Custom job fields, you must ensure that your SmashFly Technical Services Consultant is made aware of these changes and can execute them.