List Lookup API - Beta Documentation

The List Lookup API provides an easy way for SmashFly customers and any authorized 3rd parties to look up the name and identifier for any SmashFly contact, job, and event lists so that SmashFly Contacts can either be extracted from the SmashFly Console by list ID or pushed into specific Contact, Job, or Event lists within the SmashFly Console. With this API, a 3rd party application (such as HiringSolved or Swoop Talent) can view the available lists within SmashFly and can then push contact into those lists or extract contacts from those lists.

This REST API provides access to all contact, job, and event list names and IDs in the customer zone.

Swagger documentation of the List Lookup API, including sample responses, is available at To view samples, click the Show Samples link at the top right.

For general information about using the API, refer to the following topics in this help system: