Paginating Responses

The response for each request is limited to a maximum of 1,000 records. To paginate through the result set, the API call can include the following optional request parameters, which apply to all API endpoints that return a collection of resources.

Name Required? Type Description
limit No Integer Number of records to retrieve in the corresponding API call. The default (and maximum) value is 1,000.
offset No Integer Count by which to offset the API results. For example, a limit of 1,000 with an offset of 1,000 would retrieve the second block of 1,000 records. The default value is 0.


You can use these parameters as follows, for example:

  • To retrieve the first 100 contact lists:

    GET /v1/lists/?contactDbId=1&limit=100

  • To retrieve the second set of 500 contact lists, skipping the first 500:

    GET /v1/lists/?contactDbId=1&limit=500&offset=500