Retrieving Lists

The List Lookup API can retrieve the following for any contact, event, or job lists that exist in your zone:

  • ID number of the list
  • Name of the list
  • Type of list (Contact, Event, or Job)
  • Status of the list (Active)
  • Number of contacts in the list
API Requests Description Parameters (to Restrict Results)
GET /v1/lists Retrieve all contact, event, and job lists, including the list name, ID, type, status, and number of contacts currently filed to the list.
  • contactDBId: Contact database ID
  • limit: Limit of number of list IDs to retrieve
  • offset: Value by which to offset the set of lists that are returned
HEAD /v1/lists Retrieve list meta-information for contact, event, and job lists.

For a list of parameters and the ability to test each request, refer to For sample requests and responses, refer to Sample Requests and Responses .